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MORNING QUICKIES: 5 movies in 5 days

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Thankfully 3 of them were screenings so that equals FREE.

My review for ‘Up in the Air’ is right there below this.  That was Thursday…

Friday was ‘An Education’ and Saturday we saw ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ Proper Morning Afters to come…

Sunday was ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and let me tell you, what. a. DELIGHT!  Sometimes things and people converge in a way that I think the art god is like ‘here you go, Angela’ like it’s just for me and if someone else likes it well congrats to you but this right here is MINE.  (See: the band Them Crooked Vultures.)  So Wes Anderson doing Roald Dahl is a match made in my own private heaven and it turned out sassier and more fun than I could have even anticipated.  I don’t even understand really… How do you make something that off the cuff, random, silly, amusing, clever, absurd and charming in the most laborious medium possible?  Well, I guess Pixar does it on a regular basis, but still.

fantastic-mr-fox‘I asked him if we were due for a hard winter.’

And so maybe I am genetically predisposed to love but there’s something in there for you as well, promise.  I took Dan and Andy and they both liked it, sure the beer beforehand and my unceasing giggle probably helped…

I give it 10 ‘Cuss Yeah!’s.

And then Monday was ‘New Moon’.  Before I entered the theater I had my capsule review all ready.  It was gonna be something like, ‘If you went to see this then you liked it.’  But then I went to see this, and I didn’t like it.  I was frankly, bored.  I know I know.  I know it all, I know this book is lame and so they didn’t really have a choice and that Bella is a mopey drip and that Jacob is a totally enticing option except that he’s not cause he has the face of a baby, crazy abs or no.  Spending 3/4ths of the movie in their not-a-love-story was such a yawn.  The Volturi were badass, Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen were having fun, but they were in the movie for like A second.   So I’m sorry that 100% of the guilty pleasure I took in ‘Twilight’ was completely wrapped up in the dirty and intriguing creature that is Robert Pattinson.  There, I admit it.

4 ‘watch check’s, 2 hot body ‘dyyyyyyaaaaamn’s, 3 ‘really Bella?’ eyerolls, 1 R.Pattz hair drawing: Picture 1

STALKING: ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’

Friday, July 31st, 2009

I got a request for this one.  (I take requests.)  SO HAPPY TO OBLIGE BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING THERE IS NO BIGGER ROALD DAHL FAN THAN I!!!  Yeah.  I’m yelling.  And at one point in my life that was totally true.

And oh brother, I rue the day I gave all my Roald Dahl books away to my little sisters in a gesture of passing-down-what-is-good, and those little Bs paid that forward and gave them away to something/someone else.  And I was all ‘hey do you have those Roald Dahl books, I want them’ and they were like ‘NO.’  That’s a dramatization, pretty sure I forgot to mention it was a temporary loan, but needless to say, bitterness followed.  Not mad anymore though.  Promise.


The amount of nostalgia I feel over this book cover is excessive I think.

Point is, I read ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and while it may not be as vivid as ‘The BFG’ (bubbles go down = farting) or ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More’ (where I learned that poaching is bad and that a clear mind gives you powers) or omg do you remember ‘The Twits’??? and ‘The Witches!’ or wow, ‘MATILDA!!’ and then there were the giant peaches and the great glass elevators, and wow I’m having a really close bonding moment to the 10 year old me right now…

Oh look, a trailer-

Wow!  We can put to rest our worries from seeing those creepy stills that came out a while ago.  If the idea of Wes Anderson taking this on was too cool to be true, well I’m relieved that it looks like the dude delivered.

There’s an Ocean’s 11 – 13 vibe to this, no?  Even beyond George??

Like, I don’t remember this many one-liners (‘…because I’m little’!!).  Man, I wish I could go back and read this right now but did I tell you about how I used to have like ALL these Roald Dahl books….

AT FIRST SIGHT: ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Mr. Fox1

Mr. Fox2

Stills from Wes Anderson’s ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ (courtesy

Um. These scare me. It’s like a Disneyland ride gone bad. The first looks like they’re all coming to get me – you know, where they walk towards the camera and then all their hands cover the lens like I’m being swarmed. And the second looks like we’ve interrupted Mr. Fox while he was – well, let’s let our imaginations run with that.

So I can’t say that I’m hyped about this film. The problem is that I LOVE Wes Anderson. But (A) these stills are not only creepy, they’re quite plain compared to what I hoped would come from Wes and (B) I never read The Fantastic Mr. Fox so I can’t quite get as excited about it as I am for Where The Wild Things Are. Do I watch it as a faithful Wes fan? Or scrap it to DVD cause I might have nightmares of oversized Briar Rabbits? Somebody help.