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LOVE LETTERS: ‘Dear Lemon Lima’

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


Newcomer Savanah Wiltfong and Zane Huett in stills from ‘Dear Lemon Lima’

Okay, this is not one of my letters like it usually is. Dear Lemon Lima is the title of a lovely little film by Suzie Yoonessi. Lots of things, including the film’s website, might lead you to believe that it’s an uber-girly film that targets teen girls – but don’t be fooled! This charmer makes leaps and bounds past the Twilight crowd.

The story is beautiful and artfully told, the comedy is suitable for adults and children alike and the performances are spot on. Not to mention the visuals taking me WAY back to my Lisa Frank sticker days. Let’s face it – all of us gals kept those little diaries that ALL HAD THE SAME KEY. Lucky for us, the main character, Vanessa’s diary is an open book – and now a movie. The film is still rounding the festival circuits, so if you have the opportunity be sure to take it!