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Monday, January 18th, 2010

Word is they want to do a fourth Bourne movie but Paul Greengrass isn’t attached and Matt Damon is like ‘mmm, I don’t know…’ Ok, truth time, I’m too lazy to look up the latest on this story, but my point is still relevant.  Let’s just say, those two were too busy making this movie to do a fourth Bourne:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… This looks good and all, but they’re joking right?  Sure, he seems to have an intact memory and a different name but this looks pretty much EXACTLY the same as the previous two Bourne movies no?  Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a … really? thing.

Other thoughts:

I can guarantee I will be confused through 30% of this movie.

Always happy to see Beadie on screen, big or small.  Fun fact: Actors from ‘The Wire‘ are the most gratifying to spot in other roles.  Fun fact 2: It is accepted to eternally refer to them as their ‘Wire’ character names.

And the title: ‘Green Zone’ – that sounds safe.  Or environmental.  Please don’t be environmental.