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HER UGLY FRIEND: LiLo’s Master Plan

Friday, July 10th, 2009


Lohan at some random GQ something.

Ohhhh my. Lindsay Lohan wants a production company. And whatever LiLo wants, LiLo gets (do you see what I did there? LiLo / Lola? ha). Now, there’s ALLLL those wonderful people out there that want to say to me, “Hey – you never know. Don’t knock Lindsay because you don’t know her and blah blah blah…” So to be fair, this is what I would say to her:

Lindsay – I think that most of the world would be grateful if you would please, PLEASE complete a stint at rehab and straighten out your shit before you vomit out any more crap into the media. I don’t know you, but I do know the crap that you vomit out into the media and I don’t like it, not one bit. I believe that deep, deep, deep down inside you are smarter than this and that down the road, after years of sobriety and therapy you could totally pull this off. But not now. Please.

Happy now? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lohan and her business partner, Kristi Kaylor, are planning a TV show titled Faux Real (seriously!?) and a “game show involving dating.” This whole thing reeks of Her-Ugly-Friendness since we wouldn’t touch anything that came out of this partnership with a 10-foot pole. The name of the whole scheme? Unforgettable Prods. Yes, I do believe it will be unforgettable Lindsay, faux real.