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AT FIRST SIGHT: Tron Trailers Up

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

‘Tron Legacy’ got itself a trailer:

Ooooooh, ‘not anymore’ thwack!

Ok, so who remembers the first one anyway?  Oh, all of you?  Ok well I’m putting it on my queue right now.  It comes out in 2010, when exactly, it doesn’t say but I have some time.

What else is interesting?  The guy who did the sound effects in the first one is back on the job, Frank Serafine is his name.  Daft Punk is doing the music, they come with their own helmets!  6 credited screenwriters, yeek.  The director Joseph Kosinski… hmm, I had to search him even after I clicked on his imdb.  He hasn’t directed a film before this, but was an accomplished commercial director.  His next movie – a ‘Logan’s Run’ remake.  Joseph, this here is a pigeonhole….

We’re gonna keep our eye on this one for you, I imagine it won’t get that much press…  Cause I mean really, what does $300 million really get you these days??