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IN LOVE: ‘It Might Get Loud’ – excuse me, might??

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Oh, IT WILL.  Even if it’s just me screaming through the whole thing.

Really though, I couldn’t be more excited about this than if I actually played the guitar.  ‘It Might Get Loud’ is a documentary by Davis Guggenheim that explores techniques, inspirations, blah and blah of three guitar biggies- Jimmy Page, the Edge, and Jack White.  It comes out on Friday and some teaser videos are being released and I am happy to present them. has a little bitty with the Edge:

And has a portion of the much buzzed about bit where Jack White writes and delivers a song in a nanosecond:

Can’t wait.  And I’m pretty sure Cindy is gonna faint so that’ll be fun too.