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STALKING: ‘Mr. Fox’ – you better respeck

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Please, pretty please, head over to Apple and check out this featurette about how ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ was made.  It’s fun and makes you feel like a child again, mainly because Jason Schwartzman is using his kind and energetic kindergarten storytime voice.


They didn't put much time into this poster though did they?

I bet there’s a lot of that voice recording video hidden somewhere.  And by somewhere I mean coming up in the DVD special features section.  Can’t wait!!

But first the movie comes out and the challenge will be to not spend the whole viewing time going, ‘Think of the hours it took to make that fox’s eyebrow twitch.  Golly.’

AT FIRST SIGHT: ‘Extract’ – Not at all what that title makes you imagine.

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Who’s not sick of Jason Bateman?  (I raise hand.)

Who thinks Mila Kunis is impossibly cute and charming? (My hand is still up.)

Who finds the mere image of Ben Affleck in a long haired stoner wig amusing? (I make a shruggy ‘ehhhh’ expression.)

Who loved ‘Office Space’ and considers themself a true Mike Judge fan?! (I try to raise my hand, but my brother doesn’t let me.  Because no I haven’t seen ‘Idiocracy’ yet, it’s not even on my queue.  Look, I’m sorry, I’m adding it now!)

Mike Judge has a new comedy coming out!  I got you a trailer of it!  (Hold out til the end, k?)

What do you think?  Looks funny enough right?  J.K. Simmons and Kristen Wiig 4evs and also yes that is ‘Vote for Pedro’ Pedro there in the hat.  Comes out on Labor Day.  Get it?????

Fun fact: Mike Judge was born in Ecuador.

You’re welcome.