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AT FIRST SIGHT: Benicio Del ‘Lobo’

Thursday, August 20th, 2009


A trailer is released.  Benicio Del Toro as a Wolfman and Emily Blunt as his lady has kept me interested in this project for a long while and what a long while it has been.  This thing was shot eons ago and the release date just kept getting pushed back.  Now it’s set to come out in February, still a ways away, but at least now we have something to look at:

Hmmmm.  Shoot.  I have doubts, just like Sister Aloysius.

I think what puts me on the fence the most is the ‘The.’  ‘THE Wolfman’ just doesn’t right for some reason.

And it might look a little too stylized for me.  All that blue.  That hue just puts me in the world of ‘Van Helsing’ or ‘Underworld’ and I don’t think that’s where this movie should be.

Also, we need to keep our eye on this because the director, Joe Johnston, has been tapped to direct the upcoming ‘Captain America’ movie.  Which still has time to be re-named ‘THE Captain America,’ then we’ll know who’s to blame here…