GOODIES: National Lampoon’s Matt Zaller – new to me!

HuffPo posted this video of Will Arnett being interviewed by Matt Zaller for ‘When In Rome’ promotion, and since he’s funny, I watched.  (While we’re here, I will say this: I’m gonna see this movie and probably in the theater and it will probably be somewhere around adequately entertaining maybe and nothing more definitely.  Kristen Bell is a doll and I love her.  So there. VMars for life.)

Now you watch:

Chuckles!  More please!!

Happy to oblige:

You’re welcome!

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2 Responses to GOODIES: National Lampoon’s Matt Zaller – new to me!

  1. Nike111 says:

    As usual it was an exciting new revolutionary hand in currently. You will design on my own have to endure ever before recurring having sending the vision my followers?–.

  2. Grambo says:

    shit that flatulence exposed exclusive was funny…the brosure was all mine!

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