GOODIES: You call yourself a fan?

Loving stuff is fun.  Making clubs are fun.  Getting high and watching ‘Seventeen Again’ on opening night with two other closeted lovers of Zac Efron is really fun.  Organizing such events is why I create and keep up with and recruit members to things I am commonly referring to as ‘Crush Clubs‘.  But there are many designations and I need some help.  Lemme break it down…

First up, the standard ‘Crush Club‘ – so far I have three.  The Channing Tatum Crush Club, or CTCC, counts me and Amanda as members.  The Zac Efron Crush Club, ZECC, includes me, Amanda and Nina officially.  And the Robert Pattinson Crush Club, RPCC, is mainly me and Cindy.  Necessary criteria is pretty simple, they’re cute and talented enough to tolerate watching most films they make.
Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5

I know what you’re thinking, where is Shia LaBeouf??  Well he’s actually an AA – Artist Appreciation. This is a one member club, just me, how sad.  What designates an AA?  It’s kind of a mix of I think they are talented, spunky, I wish them lots of success, and let’s be friends.  It’s more of a nurturing pride for than a crush on.  Joseph Gordon Levitt just earned himself an AA after I finally caught his monologue from SNL.  He’s cute enough for a CC, but far too petite for me.

Next up, a ‘Lust Club‘.  I came up with this because basically Chris Pine needed stronger wording.  He’s got the skillz, the cocky attitude and he looks like this in a beanie:
Picture 2
Can’t even handle it.  CPLC, who’s in?

Here’s where I need your help.  I don’t know if I should throw ladies under the Crush Club and Artist Appreciation banners or if they get their own designations…  I could easily give Emily Blunt and Rachel McAdams their own AA‘s…  It just feels like something’s missing, like they’re not being rewarded enough for their hotness.  Any suggestions?  Fellas??
Picture 2rachel_mcadams-state_of_play-1

And then finally, and this is the most important to me, what do I do about Daniel Day Lewis?  No one comes close to my totally unhealthy love and admiration for this guy.  What do I even title it?  Platinum Idol??  Diamond League?  Ha, the DDLDL.  His Holiness?
Picture 1

I do think I need something for the kind of the older generation of geniuses… Hugh Laurie, Frances McDormand (Erin’s pick)… Where does Paul Rudd fit in?  I have much to figure out.

I’m also considering an Auteur Idol – the director series.

I wanna know who you’d nominate for what and that’s what the comment box is for!!

*leave it blank*

Do tell!!!

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9 Responses to GOODIES: You call yourself a fan?

  1. travis says:

    oldie but hottie club! hellen mirren, old, hot! sean connery, old, hot!

  2. Grambo says:

    Penelope Cruz needs her own Cuerpo Caliente Club, aka the PCCCC

    As for Daniel Day, how about DDLAN:
    Daniel Day-Lewis Artiste Nonpareil!

  3. cherie says:

    a. robert pattison is not CC material. if you’d pick another look-alike, go with the guy that plays chuck bass.

    b. the women could have the same categories but i’d like to be honary quality control since the writers may have a biased eye.

  4. amanda says:

    oh yea I forgot you can add me to the shia aa club, I have gone to all those movies with you!

  5. amanda says:

    well I definitely want in on the cplc. wowza! umm but I personally think you need to keep it down to just a few admiration clubs. Because then it’s not really special and I think we could sit all day and talk about who we love in the movies, etc…

  6. jenny says:

    First off I would like to be added into the CTCC and also CPLC.

    Obviously I would like to nominate George C into the AA. I am right there with you on Joseph and Shia.

    I would support Rachel and Emily’s nomination into the AA. And in sticking with the female gender I would like to add Scarlet to the CC. I will admit I have a girlish crush on her.

    I think Paul needs his very own club. His awesomeness exceeds all categories in my opinion. Not to mention he took time from his busy schedule to take a picture with us.

  7. Aaron says:

    Jon Polito!

  8. c u r t i s says:

    derek jeter gf fanclub

  9. angelabeouf says:

    oh yeah, Ryan Gosling Lust Club. 4shur.

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