NIN at the Palladium last night. Photo by Product Shop NYC.

Yet another affair with the music world. What I can I say? We don’t have a music blog so sometimes we just have to be unfaithful to our movies.

NIN kicked off their set of retirement shows last night at the Palladium. They were bloody amazing. No one was in their seats, everyone was sweaty and gross and – to my utter surprise, everyone had their cameras out. Now maybe I’m being super naive. Maybe cameras have always been allowed. In any case, I do say the tiny glowing screens took away some of the concert magic. I have mixed feelings about this as I never would have been able to swipe the above photo from here. But really, it was a bit much. What say you?

Additionally, the new energy efficient trend of LED panels added to the setup was a bad move (in my humble, non-professional opinion). NIN had rows of them alongside the REAL concert lighting and they seemed dinky and cheezy whenever they were turned on. Distracting really.

Anyway, just had to get those two things out in the open. Otherwise, it was a mixed feeling kind of night. Rocking and happy to NIN tunes but sad because Trent and friends are bowing out. Funny enough, I walked away from the concert humming “Cars” by Gary Numan…

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