GOODIES: Zooey and Joe dance charmingly. I stare blankly.

Perhaps you’ve seen this video, I’ve noticed some people linking and sharing it, but I’m going to post it anyway so I can get all opinionated at you.

First, watch.
Goodbye forever self starting video.

Now, discuss.

1 – What’s with the introduction?  And why that one cut away?  Look, a side angle!

2- Set looks nice, yes indeed.  But then. 2:23, she takes off his sunglasses, and everyone wonders, why does she take them off like that?

3- This is Zooey’s song from her band She & Him.  That bothers me.  Is that wrong?  I worry I’m getting hater…

4- 1:49, cute.

5- 1:33, this has to be the most awkward edit I’ve ever seen in a music video.  Marc Webb is a veteran music video director.  Unacceptable.

6- 1:25.  UM, WHAT?!?!?!  Why can Joe do a flip / hand spring / whatever that is??  I am SO going to see ‘G.I. Joe’ now.

7- She looks…. cumbersome.  I’m sorry!  I’m not a jealous B, but the lady is no dancer!  I know I know, who cares, cause she looks cute in her headband.

So, fine, write me and tell me I’m wrong to be unimpressed.  It’s just… FINE.  But movieland, don’t you dare overload me and take away the sassy and special sheen that movie provided on its first viewing.  I don’t want to be a part of the backlash!!

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    woooorst video

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