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The box cover of Will Wright’s ‘Spore’ – Can we SPORE the entertainment biz? Me thinks so.

An interesting article popped up on the Variety webby today. Siggraph, the Comic-Con / E3 equivalent in the computer graphics and interactive techie realm, is at this very moment taking place in New Orleans. Oh, to teleport right into the middle of the techie goodness. Anyway, Will Wright, creator of the brightly colored creature game, Spore, got all philosophical on us. Yay. While I know Angela and I usually just rant and express our OWN opinions, I thought Wright was worth quoting here. According to Variety:

“Imagine we had a group of people who designed houses and that’s all they did, and another group of people who design skyscrapers, and another group of people who design factories — but we did not have the concept of the architect. In entertainment, it kind of feels that way. We have filmmakers over here, game designers over there. Musicians down here.”


Viewers choose what to watch or listen to alter their mood, often in ways they aren’t conscious of. “Basically enjoying this content is causing certain brain states to occur, releasing certain hormones, endorphins and neurotransmitters in their brain. So in some sense we are drug dealers,” said Wright, getting a big laugh from his audience.

Looking at it that way, Wright said, technology that promises “better” experiences, like high-def, Imax and 3-D, can be a distraction for entertainment creators — better to focus on the impact on the brain.

AMEN brother. I’m on board with Wright. The way in which people view/watch media is changing, drasticallly. It’s time for the biz to wise up. I’m keeping an eye on Will – he’s one smart cookie. For the full Variety article, click here.

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