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District 9

Something that has to do with ‘District 9,’ but I can’t read it cause it’s in alien. Obviously.

So I picked up the Calendar section of the LA Times (yes, the actual, physical newspaper) and there was a GREAT article on District 9 and its fabulous writer/director Neill Blomkamp. What’s that? Never heard of the guy? Maybe it’s because his first huge project, Halo, got shitcanned after some-odd months of prepro. But being pals with producer Peter Jackson certainly has its perks. I imagine the convo went something like this:

Neill: Shit. Halo‘s out. Bastard studio execs can’t play together nicely.

Fran Walsh: Why don’t you make that little mockumentary of yours a feature?

Neill: Really!?

Peter: Meh. I’ve got all the money in the world. Let’s do this shit.

Neill: Hellz yea. We got all these Halo people in em-effing New Zealand, let’s just turn them loose on this mo’fo. Listen – my mate Sharlto Copley, he’ll be the lead dude. He acts sometimes but more importantly, we can pay him next to nothing!

Peter: Wicked cool Neill. Let’s fuck this shit up.

Okay, maybe that’s what it would’ve been like if Angela and I had the conversation, but whatever. Fact of the matter is, here we are promised a fresh, new twist on sci-fi and I believe it.

Blomkamp’s unique background growing up in South Africa has influenced this film hugely – an alien aparthied it’s being called – and I think it will bring insight to a genre that’s filled to the brim with re-makes.

Refreshing, intresting, intelligent. I’m in.

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