AT FIRST SIGHT: ‘Zombieland’ trailer…

…is available for viewing.  Why don’t I get that for you……

Does this look good?  I’m too busy thinking about the cast.  I am on a lot of these trains, ya know what I’m saying.  I saw ‘Adventureland’ and therefore love Jesse Eisenberg.  What a doll.  He’s selling?  I’m buying.

‘Hey, I’m Jesse.’

I’ve seen ‘Superbad’, ahem ‘The House Bunny’, and *cough cough cough cough* ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’ *cough cough cough*, and a common good between them: Emma Stone.

‘Hi, I’m Emma’

And then of course ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ herself is always a treat.

‘How long is my hair here?’

And then of course, Mr. Woody Harrelson.

I just wanted an excuse to post this.

What was I talking about again???

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