STALKING: RyRey in ‘Green Lantern’ – one more opinion.

Don’t make fun of me.

1 – for writing about this again.

2 – for this not sinking in sooner.

3 – for how embarrassed I am to have to retract that letter I sent to Warner Bros. and send a new one that says ‘Bradley Cooper was ROBBED.’

Why does Ryan Reynolds get to be TWO SUPERHEROES????  Deadpool AND Green Lantern?!


I am Ryan Reynolds.


I am also Ryan Reynolds.

Are Fox and Marvel like, so mad?  Shouldn’t they own him, or shouldn’t he have to sign something that states ‘I AM Deadpool.  Only Deadpool.’

And isn’t that risky for Warner Bros and DC?

Won’t people be like, didn’t I just see this guy in that other movie?

Don’t you think that took away from Christian Bale as John Connor (besides the fact that he was a lifeless bore) since he is far too identifiable as  Batman?

Is Ryan just being GREEDY????

I guess I have a lot of questions.

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One Response to STALKING: RyRey in ‘Green Lantern’ – one more opinion.

  1. taco says:

    two points:

    1- deadpool was in the film for maybe a total of 10 minutes, so he’s not exactly “I AM Deadpool” status just yet.

    2- green lantern is dc, deadpool is marvel, so at least they’re not overlapping within the universes.

    perhaps an exception can be made on based on this? non?

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