MIXED SIGNALS: ‘Cold Souls’ has me on the fence.

Cold Souls comes out on August 4th. I have all kinds of thoughts on this one. Here they are all jumbled up because that’s how they’re coming to me:

I like Paul Giamatti. Admittedly, there’s a little bit of Shadenfreude going on here, but still – he does deadpan humor brilliantly and he never tries to be anything he’s not. Oh, and he has surprisingly wide range. I didn’t think this until he did John Adams on HBO. That made me reflect on his career and come to this realization.

Unfortunately, in Cold Souls, Giamatti pretty much plays the same character he did in American Splendor. Again, a moving performance, but we’ve seen it already.

What a great storyline: Jim Carey has his soul extracted and deep-frozen so he can live a happier existence. Oh wait, did I say Jim Carey? That’s because this story rips off of Eternal Sunshine. It just replaces memories with souls, which could arguably be the same thing – or part of the same thing anyway.

I would have been excited for another woman director, Sophie Barthes, except she ripped the damn story off of Eternal Sunshine. Come on girl! You have to be more creative than that!

Still, it could be entertaining enough. I mean, I like Paul…

Well, that was productive. Here’s the trailer. Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

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