FLIRTING with ‘The Beaver’


(Left) Mel – put the blowhorn down and come back to acting. (Right) Jodie as Anna (Photos courtesy IMDB)

I’m torn. Torn between the younger, seemingly more talented pair of Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster of days past and the estranged shells that currently exist in their place. What happened to the Gibson of Hamlet and Braveheart, even Lethal Weapon for that matter? And the Jodie of Anna and the King and Silence of the Lambs? Now what do we get? Mel directing Apocalypto (ouch) and Jodie locked in various fail-safe cells with bad guys lurking nearby? Ugh.

But there is hope. According to Variety, Gibson and Foster are teaming up to lead in the new film The Beaver. There isn’t too much out about the film yet. The basic plot: Gibson plays Foster’s depressed husband whose only comfort is wearing a beaver hand-puppet. Just interesting enough. After all, we have seen them together once before – and it was magic. So, I’ll cross my fingers and hope, hope, hope that Mel stays away from the director credits.

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