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GOODIES: Mad Men yo’self. I did!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Something about me I have learned, if there is an opportunity to avatar myself I will do it.  I did the Simpsons, I have a weird superhero something and then that one other one… I don’t know, but here’s one more!  It’s a good one!


madmen_fullbodyI smoke now.  And you can’t tell but I’m wearing jodphurs and I have a newspaper in my other hand.  Yyyyyyyep, that’s me!  Before my morning ride apparently.

I made a Brian:

madmen_fullbodybriHe has a beard.  And glasses.  And he’s in a bar.  And I swear he just got that haircut.

I made a Julie too but it ended up kind of slutty.

The woman, Dyna Moe, who contributed the artwork for this site here has done a lot of art for Mad Men – screensavers and icons and etc.  And if I’m understanding it right, she just started to do it on her own and it got noticed in a major way.  Matt Weiner looooooves her.  Check it.

PS can’t wait, new season starts August 16.

GOODIES: This little thing called ‘Comic-con’

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Ok, so I have absolutely no inside tip here unless the correspondents we unleashed actually bring us back something… I’m picturing a cell phone portrait with Tidiane and a guy dressed as Spock.  We’ll have to wait and see.  So otherwise I just thought I would share / post / pilfer the things I’ve found interesting in all the news coverage.

1 – I heart ‘Chuck’ and this sums up why:


Iss nice, yes?

2 – This will not be the first and only time you hear mention of  the now defunct ‘Veronica Mars’ or the sad never to be realized potential Veronica Mars movie or my love for its creator Rob Thomas (totally been to his house) or my love for Ms. Kristen Bell and oh I could go on (and I will I’m sure).  So I thought I could link you to this video with Ms. Bell and one Freddie ‘Finding Neverland’ Highmore who are promoting ‘Astro Boy’ in which there is a mention of the VMars movie.  So I am doing my part here, getting the word out, fans unite!

How cute is Freddie?!?!??!?!  Oh look, a picture:


Check out some of those other videos.  I would write about ‘Jennifer’s Body’ as a kind of update to a previous post but I still found myself torn.  Mainly with Diablo.  Did you read her dumb column in EW??  She hates summer, why?, because she doesn’t want to get the white jeans that she won’t wear dirty.  Who gives an EFF.  But this is a movie and it could very well be a good one.  Except, if you watch that video it makes you wonder if she knows what the word ‘concise’ means.  Ok, seriously, somebody stop me.

3 – The big things and I care about them both are ‘Avatar’ and ‘Tron Legacy’ but I haven’t really found anything thaaaaaat interesting to share.  Without being there to see the footage, it’s like, yes these movies are big and they exist.

4 – Tom Welling!  Smallville has been with me since I started at my job here and while it would never be choice programming for me, I hold a soft spot for it.  And for Tom too, cause even though he is a robot, he looks like this:

Picture 2

And he seems nice.

Anyway, he’s going to be at the Smallville panel on Sunday.  I won’t be, neither will you, but maybe something fun will be posted about it.  Maybe Erica Durance (Lois) will be dressed slutty and I can post a picture for all the mens.

4- Dexter.  Mmmhmmm.  News that they will release animated webisodes before the premiere is cool I guess, John Lithgow as Dexter’s ultimate prey.  DYYYAAAAMMMN.

I kind of regret watching that.  Too many goodies given away.

That’s all for now!!

GOODIES: James Franco, you can speak at my commencement anytime.

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

James Franco was tapped to speak at UCLA’s commencement but the students were all ‘waaaah boooooo’ and James was like ‘yeah well I’m busy anyway.’

Thankfully, cause we’re all wondering, he gave us a ‘what if.’

Funny enough.  Meanwhile, this picture is still hilarious.