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FLIRTING with ‘The Box’

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

The Box

What should we do James? I don’t know Cameron. We’re both beautiful and sexy…hey look! Money!

This past Labor Day weekend, I got roped into watching 27 Dresses. The entire time, I kept thinking ‘Watch out! He’ll kill you with red beams from his eyes!’ Sorry James, you’ll always be Scott Summers to me. Speaking of which, here he is in a flick with one of my least favorite actresses, Cameron Diaz.

I remember watching a trailer for The Box ages ago, but production got pushed back for one reason or another. Strangely enough, I do want to watch it – not necessarily because I think it will be good, I just want to know what happens. Cause it looks freaky. Here:

FLIRTING with Legos

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009


Evolution of Lego as a t-shirt logo. Is a Lego feature film next?

I love Legos as much as the next kid…but a feature film? Warner Bros. says yes, according to the Risky Biz Blog. WB and producer Dan Lin have their hands on the rights for a Lego motion picture. Hmm. I don’t know guys. Just because you love Legos and motion pictures doesn’t mean you should mix the two. According to the blog:

The live action/CG hybrid is described as a movie set in the world of Lego that centers on the subject of childlike imaginations and examines themes of creativity and teamwork in the manner of “Toy Story.” While the pic will have elements for children, the studio is hoping the film is a four-quadrant play that can also appeal to adults.

I reckon I’ll keep an eye on this one, just in case it turns out to actually be one of those unexpectedly wonderful combos – like carrots and peanut butter.

FLIRTING with Jon Heder (again)

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Heder2Buddy Holly

Heder (left) and Holly (right). Duh.

According to Variety, Jon is slated to star in a sci-fi comedy called Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede. I don’t care that the title is ridiculous, I’m intrigued. Another film based on a graphic novel, a geeks is chased by undercover aliens after receiving a cryptic message by Buddy Holly on TV. Hey – why not?

Heder will be shooting the film when on break from his Comedy Central show that we mentioned earlier the first time we flirted with Jon Heder.


Friday, August 7th, 2009

Howard Shore

Hello. Meet Howard Shore.

Howard Shore is pretty genius. He composed the Lord of the Rings score – the one that’s going to be played at Radio City Music Hall on October 9 and 10. I’m insanely jealous of all New Yorkers right now because if I were a New Yorker, I’d be getting tickets to this thing one way or another. According to THR:

Ludwig Wiki will conduct Switzerland’s 21st Century Symphony, the Collegiate Chorale, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and soprano Kaitlyn Lusk in two performances of Howard Shore’s Oscar-winning score of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” performed along with a screening of the film, at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall on Oct. 9 and 10.

This might be the only thing that beats the hyper-super-extended version + behind the scenes DVD trilogy. Hey, Howard Shore and Ludwig Wiki! Come to LA puh-leeze!

FLIRTING: Buenos Nachos

Friday, July 31st, 2009


You trust THIS guy to make your movies, don’t you?!

Last November, I watched a lovely little Spanish film called Time Crimes. It was oh-so-confusing in a good way and, well, funny for a murder mystery. Digging a little deeper revealed that director Nacho Vigalondo is quite the character. A little nutty and IN LOVE with karaoke. Just look:

Ha. Even better than his karaoke skills are his storytelling skills. Before Time Crimes, Nacho wrote, produced and directed some of the best shorts I’ve ever seen. My favorite? 7:35. Catchy tune, bloody hilarious:

And now, Nacho is slated to direct Gangland. Accodring to THR:

The story revolves around a team of video-game developers who get in over their heads after they promise to deliver the most realistic game of all time, titled “Gangland,” and soon find themselves having to survive by their own wits in a real-life criminal underworld.

Judging from his track record, this snazzy director is one to follow – in the theatres AND on the karaoke circuit. We love you Nacho!

FLIRTING with Gary Oldman

Friday, July 24th, 2009


Oh Gary, you rock the black sweater.

There are so many reasons to love Gary Oldman. Here’s another one. Reelz Channel published today that Gary ‘dropped a bomb on the crows in attendance at SDCC’ – that a third Batman is in the works. WaaaahoooOOooO! It’s meant to start filming next year and be released in two. I can’t em-effing wait. The article on Reelz Channel wraps up nicely:

“But you didn’t hear that from me,” said Oldman some guy.

FLIRTING with ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert with what many call her ‘book.’ Sorry Lizzie, I call it a collection of notes.

While waiting for the trailers to start before 500 Days of Summer, Angela and I ended up discussing Atonement. She said the movie blew but the book was really good. So yesterday, while I was accessing public wi-fi at the library, I decided to pick it up. I’m on page 54 and while I’m a little bored with the plot, it is a beautifully written novel.

In that same conversation, I happened to have brought up Eat, Pray, Love and how much the book blew and thank goodness it wasn’t being made into a movie – oh, wait. Shit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Viola Davis (best supporting actress, Doubt) is in negotiations to take a role alongside Julia Roberts in the film adaptation of the bland, ‘hey-look-at-me-I’m-having-a-mid-life-crisis’ book. Since we’re not in the business of reviewing books here, I’ll leave it at that. Luckily, Ryan Murphy and NOT memoir author Gilbert wrote the adaptation so the film has a fighting chance. Needless to say, I’ll pass on this one.

FLIRTING: ‘TinTin – The Secret of the Unicorn’

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

TinTin – The Secret of the Unicorn (this one’s in English guys)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Steven Speilberg just wrapped six weeks of motion-capture work on his passion project.’ Is it . . . an epic like 2001? Or maybe a deep-rooted religious story like The Passion of the Christ? No, it’s the beloved Belgian cartoon, TinTin! What? TinTin. Who? Okay. The only reason I know of TinTin is that I know a French guy who absolutely loved comics. So I don’t blame you. Here’s a little help: TinTin is a clever little detective with a cowlick and a trenchcoat. He had a small dog sidekick (Snowy) long before Paris Hilton was even born. Admittedly, he doesn’t carry it in a bedazzled pink purse. The cartoon is similar to the simple cartoons of my youth – Duck Tales, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, if you don’t know what I’m talking about yet then you never will.

The intrigue lies in whether or not Speilberg can adapt this simple detective to today’s over-stimulated youth. Sure, TinTin detective stories worked when WE were kids, but how can it possibly compete with giant robots that piss oil and, well, Channing Tatum? Best case scenario? Steven finds a way to modernize TinTin WITHOUT turning it into a blockbuster circus. I have faith.

FLIRTING with Natalie Portman in ‘Thor’

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Jane Foster Natalie Portman

(Left) Marvel’s Jane Foster, Art by Marko Djurdjevic (Right) Hellz yea – Portman could totally be Jane

I’m not sure if I’m over this comics-into-movies craze yet. Sometimes I feel very over it then something like Iron Man comes out and I’m all over it again. Marvel Studios is a machine – and they’ve reeled in one of Hollywood’s darlings to play the female lead in Thor: Natalie Portman.

Again with the rundown of the story for us non-comic geeks: Thor (according to Marvel, not Norse legend) is a warrior that pissed off a bunch of people by reigniting an ancient war in his hometown of podunk Asgard. As punishment, he is cast down to Earth and has to live amongst puny little humans. But then he gets lucky and bangs Natalie Portman’s character. Okay, I’m not sure about that last part.

Anyway, Portman will play Jane Foster, sometimes a nurse, sometimes a physician depending on which Thor series you read. I’m sure men all over the world will be happy with Portman in either getup – their fantasies, played out on the big screen.

So, will we see it or won’t we? There’s plenty of time to decide. It doesn’t come out until May 2011. But let’s not forget the LAST time someone was sent down to live with us puny humans:

FLIRTING with ‘The Beaver’

Friday, July 10th, 2009


(Left) Mel – put the blowhorn down and come back to acting. (Right) Jodie as Anna (Photos courtesy IMDB)

I’m torn. Torn between the younger, seemingly more talented pair of Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster of days past and the estranged shells that currently exist in their place. What happened to the Gibson of Hamlet and Braveheart, even Lethal Weapon for that matter? And the Jodie of Anna and the King and Silence of the Lambs? Now what do we get? Mel directing Apocalypto (ouch) and Jodie locked in various fail-safe cells with bad guys lurking nearby? Ugh.

But there is hope. According to Variety, Gibson and Foster are teaming up to lead in the new film The Beaver. There isn’t too much out about the film yet. The basic plot: Gibson plays Foster’s depressed husband whose only comfort is wearing a beaver hand-puppet. Just interesting enough. After all, we have seen them together once before – and it was magic. So, I’ll cross my fingers and hope, hope, hope that Mel stays away from the director credits.