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LOVE LETTERS: John, we’ll miss you.

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Breakfast Club

Thank you for The Breakfast Club, John.

Dear John,

First, this isn’t a ‘Dear John’ letter. We would never leave you. We love you and all that you’ve taught us about ourselves. I mean, really, would I be who I am today without you? Likely not. While I know everyone will be talking about your work and praising what you have left behind (as they should) I would just like to say thanks for letting me know it’s okay to lend a geek my underwear to make him look cool. Wait, what? You know what I mean. You’ll be sorely missed.


LOVE LETTERS: Jennifer Aniston

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Picture 2

A still from a Jennifer Aniston movie. It doesn’t matter which.

Dear Jen,

Okay, maybe this isn’t a love letter per sé, but it’s a letter. Recently I saw a trailer for…um. That new movie in which you star. And I can’t remember the name of the damn thing because all of your  movies look the same. Hold on – let me look it up again. Oh! Yes. Love Happens.

Look. We’ve gotta have a talk. Did you make some sort of deal with the devil where all of your movies are allowed to be the SAME EXACT MOVIE except sometimes you fall in love with a gay guy?

Right, you’re cute and you’re the girl next door. Totally worked in Friends. But, and sorry if I offend, you’re kind of the not-quite Julia Roberts. So, in short, you can go back to T.V. and I’d likely watch you there, but PLEASE – enough of the clueless, hopeless, love-stricken young professional.



LOVE LETTERS: ‘Dear Lemon Lima’

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


Newcomer Savanah Wiltfong and Zane Huett in stills from ‘Dear Lemon Lima’

Okay, this is not one of my letters like it usually is. Dear Lemon Lima is the title of a lovely little film by Suzie Yoonessi. Lots of things, including the film’s website, might lead you to believe that it’s an uber-girly film that targets teen girls – but don’t be fooled! This charmer makes leaps and bounds past the Twilight crowd.

The story is beautiful and artfully told, the comedy is suitable for adults and children alike and the performances are spot on. Not to mention the visuals taking me WAY back to my Lisa Frank sticker days. Let’s face it – all of us gals kept those little diaries that ALL HAD THE SAME KEY. Lucky for us, the main character, Vanessa’s diary is an open book – and now a movie. The film is still rounding the festival circuits, so if you have the opportunity be sure to take it!


Friday, July 17th, 2009

2012 Day After Tomorrow Independence Day

Death! Destruction! Stills from Roland Emmerich’s blockbusters:’2012′, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘Independence Day’

Dear Roland Emmerich,

I understand that when you have a great formula for something, anything, you should probably stick to it. Thus, I understand that your upcoming film, 2012 has a similar make and model to your past blockbusters. However, we, your audience, would love a little variety. Just a smidge. In case you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, take this snippet from IMDB regarding the plot of one of your movies:

“An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors…”

Now, can you guess which movie it’s describing? Independence Day? 2012? The Day After Tomorrow? I didn’t think so. None of us could because ALL OF THE MOVIES ARE THE SAME. So, I have a choice when 2012 comes out. Pay up at the movie theatre or stay in and watch The Day After Tomorrow on DVD and watch essentially the same movie. I think you know where I’ll be.



P.S. The quote was from the plot summary of 2012.